Country Head, SA Tourism visited Regenesys-India

Ms. Hanneli Slabber, the Country Head for SA tourism was invited by the students of Regenesys business school for their student magazine aimed at an interview and insight on SA tourism industry.

The interview stretch seemed to give away various insights on South African tourism and how SA is proving to be a land of opportunities for young Indian students.

Also, the converse led to discussing the similarities between India and South Africa as they both have pioneered their images into being resonant economies; where business prospects, education diagnoses and cultural diversities are still uncharted. Ms. Hanneli expressed keen interest on how Regenesys and SA tourism could come together and promote SA as an ultimate tourist and study destination.

While bidding adieu to the kids she concluded with an immensely rousing speech and inspired the students to be fearless and intrusive and ready to learn more and more. We at Regenesys couldn’t agree more.