Education Loans

Educational loans have become a necessity as means of payment, especially for students aspiring to study abroad or in top colleges in India.
Students who aspire to be part of Regenesys Institute of Management, can now avail themselves of educational loan from one of the most reputed education loan provider in India.
For the benefit of Regenesys prospective students, we have tied up with  a premier organisation “ Avanse Educational Loans”.  Avanse gives the following advantages to students applying to Regenesys:

  • Helps in showing Proof of Funds, to obtain confirmation of admission.
  • Covers for all Regenesys courses.
  • Helps to secure Visa confirmation.
  • Helps by providing Certificate that states “Availability of Funds”, for a hassle-free stay in the country.
  • Accepts Multiple Co-borrower for Higher Loan Eligibility.
  • Attractive Interest Rates due to tie up with Regenesys Institute of Management
  • Availability of the loan across the country.
  • Includes tuition fees, books cost, hostel/ accomodation expenditure, airfare for courses abroad. 

Process for Loan Application:

  • Applying for an Avanse study loan is quite simple. You can:
  • Apply online –
  • Simply write to

While applying for your education loan procedure, kindly ensure the following:

  • Ascertain how much finance you need from Avanse.
  • Finalise the course you plan to pursue at Regenesys Institute of Management.
  • Identify the co-applicant or guarantor.
  • Check the documents required to be submitted.
  • Submit the application form duly filled in and complete, in all respects.
  • Apply for the education loan well in advance, to ensure timely disbursement.

If all conditions covered in the education loan procedure in India are met, then Avanse will send the applicant an Education Loan Agreement. The agreement will contain the terms and conditions for applicant’s review, and the same will need to be signed by you as a token of acceptance. You will be expected to return the signed agreement quickly along with the original or verified copies that are required prior to disbursement of your loan.

Documents required for Educational Loan:

  • Admission letter of Regenesys giving details of respective course fees structure. Letter confirming scholarship (if any) provided by the School.
  • Attested copies of documents for proof of birth certificate and proof of permanent residential address.
  • Passport size photo of the applicant, co-obligant and guarantors (if any)
  • Copy of mark-sheet/degree certificates of previous academic qualifications.
  • Income proof/latest income tax return of parents/guarantros (if any)
  • Copy of Passport/visa, cost of air fare (documentary detail) in case of studies abroad.
  • Details/statements of Bank accounts held by other banks of the applicant/ guarantors/ co-applicant for the last six months (if any).

The education loan amount is provided to you by:

  • DD –Demand Draft
  • Cheque
  • Or it is electronically transferred to the designated bank account.

For further information please write to us at or

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